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Websites & Blogs that have been kind enough to throw The Arrogants some love:
5/31/06: Sounds XP.
5/19/06: Norman Records: "A band called The Arrogants have sent us their CD/DVD package. I've never heard of them but the press release mentions The Cranberries & the Sundays. I really couldn't agree more. They're a perfect crossbreed. I know The Cranberries were a little drippy at times but on their debut they had some pretty nice, steady tunes & this 'Berries inspired bunch have a wonderfully gifted vocalist in Jana Heller. The production is exemplary, the songs blissfully pass without making me wince at all. So if you dig those two classic lady fronted easy going indie bands then this mammoth debut, 'You've Always Known When Best To Say Goodbye' (23 tracks!!!) will bring you much joy. There's even a bonus DVD with documentaries & complete MP3s of the first 3 EPs. Well worth a punt."
5/05/06: IndiePages: "The Arrogants had a couple of releases on Shelflife a few years back, but then seemed to disappear for a while. Well, this cd packed full of songs should more than make up for that hiatus! Over the 23 songs on this disc, there is enough variety to keep things interesting; many of the songs have the same sound found on the band's previous releases - dreamy pop full of female vocals, effect-y guitars and lots of synths, reminding me of the Sundays teaming up with Slowdive - while at other times ("Cool Shoes", for example) they sound quite a bit like the later Primitives records, and even bands like Strawberry Story and the Autocollants in parts. Actually, this variety helps quite a bit, as I like this record considerably more than their earlier ones, and if this one were more similar to those, I'd start losing interest halfway through. Although there were a couple songs that I found a bit less-interesting (like the six-minute long "Heroine"), I definitely found this enjoyable almost all the way through. As a bonus, in addition to the full cd, there's also a dvd featuring videos and footage of the band, as well as scores of demos and previously unreleased songs in mp3 format!"
3/01/06: Soit dit en Passant (in French).
2/15/06: Berkeley Place (full interview).
2/14/06: Begin Again Music.
2/13/06: The BM Rant.
2/13/06: The Bubble Death.
2/13/06: The Perm & The Skullet.
2/12/06: Desperate Youth (in Italian).
2/12/06: Dreams Never End.
2/11/06: Villains Always Blink.
2/11/06: My Ex-Best Friend.
2/10/06: My Bread.
2/10/06: Puddlegum.
2/10/06: Last Sound of Summer.
2/9/06: Do Copenhagen.
2/9//06: Indie Don't Dance.
2/8/06: Thought Intersect. Belated review of "Your Simple Beauty".
1/19/06: Contra Costa Times (Life In Perspective feature).
1/15/06: Asleulv (in Norwegian).
1/2/06: Dagger Zine (courtesy of Tim Hinley): Here is the review.
1/1/06: Blog Vita (England).
12/12/05: Excerpt from a partial review on Tangents (towards bottom): "With a feel of The Sundays permeating its soul, this track has the feel of a sprightly despite it all, world weary but smiling regardless optimism. As such it sets the tone for the rest of collection, throughout which the final, and already lost incarnation of the Californian band sound terrific, rollercoasting from preppy upbeat Pop to broody low key introspection. The CD comes with a companion DVD that compiles MP3s of a host of other material from compilations and assorted loose ends. It all makes for a comprehensive collection intended, as the sleeve notes say, to be dipped into rather than played all the way through in one sitting. Just the thing for mix tapes then."
12/01/05: A full review of "You've Always Known When Best To Say Goodbye", courtesy of One Chord.
11/26/05: Coast Is Clear (in German).
11/12/05: Compas 6/8 (In Spanish).
11/11/05: The Adventures of R. Pad.
11/09/05: 3Hive.
11/04/05: Blog Up (in French).
11/01/05: Fingertips.
10/31/05: Spiked Candy.
10/26/05: Hits In The Car.
10/24/05: The Power Of Twee (Sweden).
10/24/05: Time Consumer (UK).
10/24/05: Chrome Waves (scroll down just a bit).
10/20/05: Indie MP3 Keeping c86 Alive!.
10/20/05: Audio For Drinking.
10/20/05: Indie For Dummies. In Italian.
10/19/05: Courtesy of Think Small - "The Arrogants, the band that is responsible for 100 of American indiepop's finest seconds ("Lovesick"), have just released a new album."
10/18/05: This Twilight Garden.
10/17/05: Odeo.
10/17/05: The Indie Surfer.
10/17/05: Skatter Brain.
10/17/05: Gorrilla vs. Bear.
10/17/05: For The Eardrums.
10/17/05: Mystery and Misery.
10/14/05: Turquoise Days.
10/02/05: Courtesy of One Chord: "The Arrogants will release their album "you've always known when best so say goodbye..." in october. It will have 23 songs and it will be sold for only $7,50 + shipping. Now that is a good deal. The Arrogants is big favorite of mine. They've made two EPs in the past and I think both of them might receive the full five hearts on my scale. At least the first one would definitely. There's just something in Jana's voice that totally gets under my skin and then continue its way towards my heart. To support the upcoming release they have online singles on their website. They've made two so far and that's four great new tunes in mp3 format. And just like before, they still have all the songs from their earlier EPs available for download."
08/10/2005: In Chinese.
2003: An interview with
2003: An interview with I Heart Sasha fanzine.
2003: Reviews of "Nobody's Cool".
2000: Reviews of "Your Simple Beauty".


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